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Modern Urban Fashions/Bracelets

Modern Urban Fashions/Bracelets


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Incredible Customer Service

Excellent customer service is my top priority; that’s why I always strive to better it. Your comments, opinions, and other feedback enable me to know my customers much better in a bid to improve the customer service that I currently offer. I handles all your complaints in due time while keeping you informed. Moreover, identifying doubts or objections that my customers have at the time of purchase helps me offer immediate solutions. I never s... Learn more

Edward 1969 Bootcamp

This was my first experience with Marlin Spiking. I am the one on the far right. It was there that they taught me the way to make a story about a rabbit and his holes. I will post some of my quips in the future. Very simple when you see the fun in learning how to tie any knot with a tail.

Market Pricing & Better Values

I know that trying to find the perfect product at an decent rate can be exhausting, so to make your life easier, I've planned my pricing system to ensure that you're getting the most competitive prices around. I keep an eye on the market for any spike or decrease in the cost of a product so that I can make changes accordingly and provide you with the best options. Even at my excellent prices, I refuse to make compromises when it comes to qua... Learn more

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EdardJ Shelton

10 July 2019

10 July


Excellent quality and service,

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